So there’s this Skyrim mod I’m a voice in. I’m obvs in the English version (not out yet), but the German one is not only out, but on Kotaku.

Trailer here:

My character (again, not my voice, b/c this is the German trailer) shows up 1:23.

I’m SO EXCITED for this to come out, you guys. I’ve put so many hours into this (unpaid, of course, as it’s a mod), and grown super attached to the character; I’m unbelievably excited to share it with everyone.



  1. You were amazing! I can’t begin to thank you for your hard work and the job you did in bringing Calia to life. Totally immersive and gripping, your performance was so real! I don’t check WordPress that often, so you have any social media (facebook/twitter) simply for sharing your upcoming projects? I definitely want to hear more from you and stay on the up and up, you’ve got a new fan!

    I also really like your readings of the Skyrim books, maybe a few from Enderal would be awesome. Especially done in “Calia-style”.🙂 Keep up the great work!

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