Vigilance :: Entry 1: The Model Citizen

I am *so* excited to finally get to share this with you all! It’s an actual play podcast, set in the Liberty world. I’m a player and her character, who is another total badass. XD Buckle up – this is a long and wild ride. XD

Cassius is the gun toting lady in the trench coat in the bottom row there. XD

Vigilance final cover v2


Ixalan – A Question of Confidence

How do y’all feel about Magic the Gathering and its world? You love it, you say? Well, have I got good news for you! ‘Voice of All‘ is a project that makes audio plays out of the weekly stories Wizards of the Coast puts out, and guess plays Huatli, a plainswalker from the new Ixalan set? She’s a warrior, and a poet, and a stone cold badass. And super fun to play. 😉

At this point, she’ll be my voice – so if she shows up in the future in these stories, you’ll hear me again. I’d love to continue her story. 😉