Vigilance :: Entry 1: The Model Citizen

I am *so* excited to finally get to share this with you all! It’s an actual play podcast, set in the Liberty world. I’m a player and her character, who is another total badass. XD Buckle up – this is a long and wild ride. XD

Cassius is the gun toting lady in the trench coat in the bottom row there. XD

Vigilance final cover v2


Ixalan: Conclusion (for now?)

Huatli learns a hard lesson, and begins a whole new adventure.
This is it for Huatli’s story (for now!) and it’s been great fun giving her voice. She’s such an interesting person, I’ve really enjoyed putting myself in her shoes and joining on her adventure. I hope you all enjoyed it too! 😀

Ixalan – A Question of Confidence

How do y’all feel about Magic the Gathering and its world? You love it, you say? Well, have I got good news for you! ‘Voice of All‘ is a project that makes audio plays out of the weekly stories Wizards of the Coast puts out, and guess plays Huatli, a plainswalker from the new Ixalan set? She’s a warrior, and a poet, and a stone cold badass. And super fun to play. 😉

At this point, she’ll be my voice – so if she shows up in the future in these stories, you’ll hear me again. I’d love to continue her story. 😉

The Lovecraft Covenant

lovecraft covenant

So a friend of mine was part of an awesome audio play (and I got to be an extra in the first few episodes!), and it has started releasing today! Technically, this morning at midnight – appropriately dramatic timing for the Lovecraftian horror style they have going. It’s a lot of fun, and you should check it out!

You can grab E01 (and all ensuing episodes, releasing fortnightly) in these places:

audioBoom —

Google Play —…