Skyrim Book Catchup

I got behind a bit last week, so here’s a recipe, a story, and a short poem! I hope you enjoy!

“Charus Pie: A Recipe”: a quick recipe for cooking giant cave bugs.

“Breathing Water”: A story about an ambitious smuggler learning an alteration spell.

“Ode To The Tundrastriders”: a poem about giants!

Librivox Weekly Poems: “The Bee” and “The Woodland Halló”

Whoops, I didn’t post last week. Sorry! But I did get the weekly poem done, so here are this week’s and last week’s poems!

First, a poem I imagine Emily wrote on a bright spring day, just watching nature hum around her:

“The Bee” by Emily Dickinson

And second, a picturesque view of a lady and her woodsmen father and hubby!

“The Woodland Halló” by Robert Bloomfield