Audiobooks of Skyrim: Notes on Yngol Barrow

I missed last week’s Librivox (oops!) so to make it up to you, I’ve decided to revive my Audiobooks of Skyrim project. And to start us off, a small one: “Notes on Yngol Barrow“. I’m hoping to get one done a week, in addition to the weekly Librivox. I may trip every once in a while, but I’ll try to make it up to you! ❀

Librivox: “Grown-Up” and “In Vain”

Haha awkward. After I said I wouldn’t disappear again, I did. Happy holidays, everyone! Whoops. Sorry about that.

Anyway, back on track! Here are two librivox poems!

The weekly poem is “Grown-Up” by Edna St. Vincent Millay, and cripes, woman. Could you tone it down a bit please? I’m in this poem and I don’t like it.

The fortnightly poem is “In Vain” by Emily Dickinson. Who doesn’t love some victorian drama?

Project Catch-up

Hey friends! I really appreciate your patience with me even after I took a huge announced hiatus. Sorry for that, and I’ll do my best not to do that again.
As an apology, take this – a small data dump of the various projects I’ve been in that I’ve neglected to mention or tell you about!
Also as an apology, take this – I’m sorry. ❀

First, a very silly video. This gentleman is a woodworker, and wanted my help with a voiceover for the end of one of his videos. I did it and had a blast. XD

I got to dabble in Audiobooks again, thanks to the Voices of Today. They did a compilation of short horror stories, and you can listen to it on Audible! It’s called “Famous Modern Ghost Stories” and I’m featured in the sample. πŸ™‚

Famous Modern Ghost Stories

I have some roles in a Fallout 4 mod, Viva Nuka-World. I play two companions: Francesca, the hardass boss of the Traders, and Erica, an Institute Exile looking for adventure. This video has some other graphical mods (read: unnecessary boobs πŸ˜› ), but it does show us both Francesca (first) and Erica (second).

Speaking of Fallout mods, Washington’s Malevolence is a Fallout 3 mod in which I voice Sara Richards. Unfortunately I can’t find a clip of myself in game, but I found my character from before the voice was added!

In the Skyrim mod Midwood Isle, I got to play two characters! Orisys is a scholar, and Nasmara is a former queen. (I’m having trouble with embedding the video, but both can be found in the below video: Orisys at 13:58, Nasmara at 17:20!)

I got another chance to work with an old friend for a small part in their new series, Safety First. Janet is a recurring character, so keep an eye out for her!

And lastly, a preview! Here’s a trailer for an upcoming Skyrim mod, Odyssey of the Dragonborn, in which I got to voice a Khajiit! It’s the sequel to an existing mod, Legacy of the Dragonborn.

And that about wraps it up! I’ll be getting back into the Librivox poetry, of course, and I look forward to getting going on some new projects soon. I’ll keep y’all updated. πŸ˜€ ❀