Vigilance :: Catchup

I may have gotten behind. A lot behind. :S Enjoy Entries 2-8 with my deepest apologies for being so slow!

I think it’ll be worth your while, though. This is a fun series. 🙂


Pale Spectrum – Part Two of the Book of Gray Magic

A new game is out with my voice in it! Pale Spectrum – Part Two of the Book of Gray Magic is out now on Steam. It’s the second part in a series, but I’ve only played this one and it covers what you missed in Part One pretty well so you don’t need to play that one to enjoy this one. 😉

I play Nik, a Kobold summoned to help fight off a mysterious baddie. Here’s a sample of her voice from in-game (part of the reason I’m so slow to have gotten this out was that I wanted to find a sample of her voice, so I played through to find her 😀 ).