Redeemers E09 and Scientific Method E63

Chicken Dynasty has been plugging along – if you’re interested in Scientific Method, there are so many more now! But alas, this post is bittersweet. I have two videos for you – and both of them are my exit from the series. But of course both series go on (as the show must!) so you should go subscribe to the channel!

Grace Kelly – Mika

I wanted to try my hand at videos. ;D This is totally a rough draft; more a proof-of-concept than anything. So far, that proof is that I can’t trust Movie Maker to sync audio properly on export, and that AVS puts on a watermark. I’ll work on that. 😛

As for the singing itself, I’m pretty pleased for a one-take, but I’m sure I could do better if I was doing multiple takes and editing ’em together. So it goes. 😉