Coming Back / Catchup

Hey folks! After a break that became too long, I’m coming back! I’ve started reaching out to projects and getting my voice back out there. Thanks for your patience. 😀

While I don’t have a lot for you yet, I will be reading some poetry to pass the time. I’ve recorded a couple that I hadn’t posted about – Long I Thought that Knowledge and Over Every Hill – and you can check out all that I’ve read over on my LibriVox profile page.

Besides that, I’ve been doing bits and pieces here and there, so here’s some stuff I hadn’t mentioned!

Midah is back in Black Desert: The Awakening E04:

I’ve also done some more work with Brizzard Lego Films, in the Avengers Endgame Recap, Aquaman parody, and Captain Marvel parodies:

Huatli has made some cameos (ish) in the War of the Spark series, as well:


And already I have a few more things on the radar, but they’re a ways out. I’ll keep everyone apprised. 😀

Thanks for sticking around!

Altered Avalon

I’m really happy with this one. I don’t think my part as Echo is recurring (much), but I had a lot of fun. And hey, I even did the song; they gave me the back track and lyrics, and I came up with the tune I’d sing. I’m quite proud of myself. ;D

Unfortunately, the clever widget doesn’t work, so all you get is the link. 😀