The Lonely Vincent Bellingham: Ch1P1

So the chapter itself is big enough that we split it into two videos; this is the first! As with the Prologue, I did all the mixing/editing/sfx etc, where Charlotte did the direction – but this time you actually hear my voice as Victoria makes an appearance.

More in Part 2, which is coming later. 😉

The Lonely Vincent Bellingham: Prologue

I did another comic dub!
So this is a project I’ve been part of for a while, but I took the reins on it to put it all together. I did the mixing, editing, sfx, and video editing – all that shenanigans. Amusingly, my voice doesn’t appear in this one – that’ll be for chapter one. But for now, enjoy this! I had a blast making it, and I look forward to helping with the rest. 😀

Comic Dubs: Hate Everyone and Imaginate

I’m really starting to play with motion comics and sound editing and the like – turns out, if I’m the one doing the project, I know with 100% certainty whether or not it’ll happen. 😉

Anyway, above was my first experiment with the new software (I like it!) – a real short one from Junior Scientist Power Hour. I got slightly more ambitious with the one below, from the GaMERCaT. I hope you enjoy watching/listening as much as I enjoyed making.

and yes, this is likely to be a recurring thing. I’m totally digging the webcomic dub thing; I want to try to use it in a way that is fun for me to do, fun for people to watch, and gives people an idea of what the comic is like (to hopefully convert more readers 😀 ). Expect to see more. ;D

Big Hero 6: Short Scene Fandubs


Hoo boy. I’ve been working on these for ages. Finally got a cast finalized, they got their lines in, and was able to get these babies out and published! So please enjoy, my first foray into the world of Fandubbing.

I play Honey Lemon, but most of the work here was in the mixing and editing, of course. ;D Full cast lists for each video (and links to their pages!) are on the YouTube pages, so go check them out!