There’s a new game on the horizon! It’s called Arkin – you can check out their webpage here, or their steam page here.

I play a relatively minor character, but who was still a lot of fun. I look forward to sharing it with you! 😀


So ages ago I did some background voices for a Dragon Age: Origins mod called “The Shattered War”. It’s out now!

You can pick it up on NexusMods.

Enderal: Out in English

It’s finally here!

Enderal can be played in English now – just head over to to download it (as it’s a Skyrim mod, you’ll need to have a valid install of Skyrim already).

It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see it come to fruition – I’m installing it as I type. ❤ It’s been reviewed by various gaming sites – PCGamer, RockPaperShotgun, Polygon, etc etc – and seems to be making people happy. I can’t convey how amazing this whole experience was, and how honored I am to have been involved. ❤

Enderal Credits

It’s still not out yet in English, but it should be shortly – but I’m still super excited for Enderal. They recently posted the credits, and I’d love to reiterate how very excited I am to see this come to fruition.

Voice actor credits start at 2:34, and Calia is a main character, so I get my name right up near the top! XD

Once I see it’s out, you will be the first to know!