Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

AAAH! Beyond Skyrim: Bruma was released this weekend! It’s a Skyrim mod, and one part of the Beyond Skyrim project that aims to bring other regions of the Elder Scrolls world to life within the Skyrim game. It’s a massive modding undertaking, and Bruma is one section of the Cyrodiil region.

Here’s the launch announcement from a few weeks ago:

In it, I am a ‘voice type’ – which means I have a handful of named NPCs with my voice, as well as (probably) a variety of bandits, merchants, and other random NPCs. Full credits here.

Here’s a clip! 😀

I’ve been working on lines for this for months now, and I’m delighted to see it come to fruition. 😀 And it’s the first of the Beyond Skyrim group to actually make it to being published, which is very encouraging. Woohoo!

Vigilant Voiced

New Skyrim mod y’alllll!

So Vicn made a mod called “Vigilant”, which was awesome – but had no voice acting. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE – it now has voices, and one of the voices is mine!
Well, several of the voices, really; I cover seven extras. XD

Go grab the mod off NexusMods: Vigilant Voiced

Here’s our trailer for the mod:

And a review of our mod:

When I find a clip of one of my voices, I’ll post it. But in the meantime, go play and enjoy! 😀