Artists-At-The-Ready 4: Round 3

So Artists At The Ready (AATR) is a deviantArt competition between artists where artists pit themselves and some of their OCs against the others in an ongoing story, and judges pick who progresses.
As the rounds progressed, a handful of artists wanted voice actors. And for this particular matchup, I backed both horses. 😉

For ArtistInCompre I voiced both Lola and Fate, and she did a pretty kickass animation

Her entries:
Part 1
Part 2

For J-Popsicle I voiced Lola – and she did a game. All her links are here, but she did a video playthrough of the game here:


While it was a close one, J-Popsicle won! So I’ll be back voicing Lola in round 4. Great job to everyone involved!


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